Karma- the Indian Room, Lancaster offers you the Dorn Method, a safe and gentle therapy for back and joint care.

The Dorn Method is a gentle manual therapy for relieving common back and joint pain. Developed in Germany over 40 years ago, the Dorn method is a safe and natural therapy used to correct misalignments of the spine and other joints. It’s great for backache, neck pain, headaches and migraine, joint problems and sciatica.

The Dorn Method is a 3-stage programme offering therapy at the session, posture advice, manual correction and self-help techniques.

Within the session the therapist and client work together dynamically through movement, so make sure you wear loose sports type clothing. The session ends with a specialised spinal regenerating Breuss massage.

Typically a session is about 60 mins long.  A series of two to three sessions is usually sufficient for long term benefit.   


A 60 minute Dorn session with Breuss massage - £40